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Volunteering is when a person does something in form of work or service to without payment or a salary in return. Many people do volunteer work to give back to the community out of charity, compassion and desire to help others in need. Volunteering can vary in types of work and service rendered. For example in Germany, there are several types of volunteer programs provided for volunteers to choose which type of service and with what type of people they want to help and work with. These include: Bundesfreiwilligendienst (BDF), Freiwilligensocialesjahr (FSJ) and many more. These are the most common and popular.

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Freiwilligensocialesjahr (FSJ)


Federal Voluntary Service (BFD)


Voluntary Ecological Year(FÖJ)


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                              How we help you

  • Teach you the German language

  • Prepare you for the interviews and show you how to make a good application, i.e. write a motivation letter, draft a CV suitable for German Companies and applications, when and where to apply.

  • After you have a good well polished application, we forward it to our partner organization and introduce you to them. These then contact you personally.

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